About the Magazine

Ink Drinkers Magazine was born when the editor found out that the term ‘ink drinker’ is the French version of ‘bookworm’ and thought ‘hey that could be a good name for a litmag’.

We love to be made to feel, to get lost in the words – to be made into ink drinkers by your work.

About the Editor

C. T. Mills is the editor of the magazine, and also its founder. He studied English and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London, and is now studying for a practice-based PhD in poetry in 2021.

His work centers around translating and retelling old poetry. In 2020 he published the traveler’s guide to the new wor(l)d, a translation of the Old English elegiac poem The Seafarer, and his upcoming works include a body of poetry surrounding the idea of worshipping across several pantheons.

At present, he lives in Northumberland with four cats, one dog, two bookshelves, and about 30 unused notebooks.

He can be found on WordPress, Twitter, or at ctmpoet@gmail.com