About the Magazine

Ink Drinkers Magazine was born in June 2020, when the editor found out that the term ‘ink drinker’ is the French version of ‘bookworm’ and thought ‘hey that could be a good name for a litmag’.

We release four issues a year, on the solstice and equinox dates. Each issue has a theme: the solstice themes are chosen by the editor, and the equinox themes are chosen by you, on our twitter.

We love to be made to feel, to get lost in the words – to be made into ink drinkers by your work.

About the Editor

CTM is a poet based in the north east of England. He is a PGR at Royal Holloway University of London, writing poetry and translating Beowulf.

He can be found on WordPress, Twitter, or at ctmpoet@gmail.com