Submissions are currently closed until 26 April 2021.

The theme for the third issue is… to be released with the upcoming issue.

We have a shiny new submissions form which we will be releasing it when submissions reopen, but until then, any queries can be directed here.

Please only send us one poem, no more than five pages long.

Submissions do not have to be specific to Ink Drinkers magazine – poetry published elsewhere is fine, so long as there are no restrictions on it being published in multiple places. We will credit the other places it has been published as requested.

We aim to publish four issues a year, in line with the following schedule. Please submit work within the theme of the issue, and within the guidelines for length. While we do appreciate that we set themes that are open to a wide range of interpretations, we do ask that you stick to it. Works that deviate from the length and quantity will automatically be rejected.

We particularly welcome work that is lyrical or experimental. We want to be made to feel! (don’t we all?) Send us your work – visual, found, cut-up, black-out, or just straight up verse. We are looking forwards to reading it!

IssueSubmission DeadlinePublication Date
Winter Solstice 1st December21st December
Spring Equinox1st March21st March
Summer Solstice1st June21st June
Autumn Equinox1st September21st September