Submissions are closed until 21st January 2021.

The theme for the sixth issue is TBC.

Submission Guidelines

These are bullet pointed for clarity. Please send us:

  • One poem.
  • Five pages or less.
  • Author bio in the third person of 100 words or less.

If you want to send us commentary to go with your piece, you are more than welcome to do so as long as the total page count does not exceed five. Unless stated otherwise, we will assume that the commentary is to be published with the work.

The submissions can be published elsewhere, as long as you have permission to have it published in multiple places, and tell us where so we can credit them too.

Please use our submission grinder page to track your submission!

Response Times/Feedback

When Ink Drinkers first started, we only responded to submissions after the window had closed. However, we were so overwhelmed by the volume of submissions we received for issue #3 (Siren) that going forwards we will be checking the submission form every Saturday or Sunday during the submissions window, in order to respond properly and give feedback, and then the first weekend after it closes if the closing date is mid-week.

What We Enjoy

To get a feeling for the kind of work we enjoy, please do read the issues we have already released. We particularly welcome work that is lyrical or experimental, and have a particular fondness for work that plays with poetic form and style.

Send us your work – visual, found, cut-up, black-out, or straight up verse! We want to read it all!

The themes work on a rotation: the editor chooses the themes for the solstice issues, and the themes for the equinox issue are decided from a poll of suggestions by readers. Theme suggestions can be submitted here!

What We Don’t Want

We are committed to being a welcoming space; in line with that, we don’t accept work that is racist, homophobic or transphobic, or that discriminates against those in marginalised communities more widely. Aside from that, we would also prefer not to be sent work that centres on suicide or suicidal ideation.

Submissions Schedule

IssueSubmissions OpenSubmissions ClosePublication Date
Winter Solstice 21st October1st December21st December
Spring Equinox21st January1st March21st March
Summer Solstice21st April1st June21st June
Autumn Equinox21st July1st September21st September

Read the guidelines? Fantastic! Here’s our submission form. We look forwards to reading your work.